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Welcome to Molosky Dental

Your Smile is Our Number 1 Goal

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Welcome to the Molosky Dental Family

Your Smile is Our Number 1 Goal

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Our Goal is to have you leave with a smile on your face!

We believe that keeping your teeth is what we all want. See how our professional staff strive for your best oral care that we can deliver.

Give us a call to schedule your new patient visit and we’ll give it to you for our best price ever, $99!

A $285 Value! for only $99 for a complete Exam, X-Rays and Consult!

Call today to set your appointment and be sure to let Keren or Debra know of this offer today.

We can not wait to see you, call right now.

Dr. Charles Molosky, DDS

About Our Practice

Molosky Dental is proud to offer a wide variety of oral health services to our patients.

We are committed to spending the necessary time so that all options for treatment are understood and an achievable plan is set in motion. Because your smile is important to us, we always welcome any questions you may have about the health of your dentition.

We Do it Right The First Time

We believe that your dental care should be done right the first time, so we take our time so that you get the best care. We don't rush your care and treatment , but pamper you with our care.

Our Hygentists Have the Softest Touch

You've never had dental hygiene care like ours. You will be surprised at how well and how much you enjoy coming to see us

We Use The Latest Digital X-Ray Technology

We use Digital X-rays. This allows us to get greater detail, more images all while exposing you to LESS radiation than old fashioned traditional film X-Rays


Our professional, friendly staff is ready to assist you today

Our Services

We provide many exciting services that will leave you with a bright, white smile on your face!
Preventive Services

We offer a wide range of preventive methods to keep you smiling.

Digital X-Rays

No more uncomfortable ex-rays using film. We the latest in Digital Radiography and our bite block is the most comfortable in the industry. Come get your ex-rays done today. One of the many advantages to digital ex-rays is we can reduce the amount of x-rays used while still getting a great look into your teeth health.

Teeth Cleaning

We know how you hate to have someone poking around your mouth with sharp instruments, we work as though you are family. Our Hygienist has the softest touch you will ever find.

Night Guard

Are you grinding your teeth at night? Maybe you don't think so but your Dr. Molosky can see if you are and make you a custom fitted teeth guard to keep you from breaking your teeth. Just like the Sports Guard, it will fit like a glove for your teeth.

Sports Guards

Why buy a hard guard that doesn't fit you like it should? We will gladly make you a custom fitted mouth guard that will feel like its part of your body and fit you like a glove, only for your mouth. See our blog all about this.

Oral cancer screening

While doing our oral exam, we look for the signs and symptoms of oral cancer.

Cosmetic Dentistry

We have some great ways to make your smile even better.

In Office Teeth Whitening

Sure you can do it at home, but with our in office methods, you'll have a brighter smile in much less time without the guess work of doing it home.


When whitening just can't get your teeth white enough we offer veneers to cover your stains.


Perfect for teeth that have been broken or have so many cavities in them that they might break with out the protection of a crown.


Happy Smiles


Happy Fans


Teeth Saved

Our Raving Fans

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